It’s been almost a week since my last posting, so I thought I’d better write something tonight.

To be honest, I have not felt that well for much of the past week, with Friday and Monday being particularly tough days – and yesterday and today I even wore a heart monitor. I have felt better the last couple of days (following three visits to two doctors, with another visit tomorrow) so I do feel like I’m on the mend, but as it’s getting late and I’m feeling kind of tired, I’ll keep this posting brief and hold off on my intended subject for a while longer.

I will say that I felt well enough on Saturday to meet and have lunch with Stephanie Anne, an attractive art model who lives in New York and who I hope to work with sometime this year.

Last but certainly not least, the photos I’m posting are of Iris Dassault, made during my visit to Michigan last summer. I hope to work with her again sometime this year, too.

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