This is my first posting here in a week’s time. That’s because I spent 65 and three-quarter hours working at my office last week. At last, though, the overtime is done and I returned to a normal schedule today. I felt like I had only worked half a day when I left to go home (though as I’d put in work days of 12 hours or close to it, two-thirds of a day would be more like it).

Despite getting back normal, I’m still feeling pretty tired tonight so I won’t write much. I’ll just write, as a number of other bloggers have done, that the photos I submitted to the French magazine PHOTO as part of its annual Concours Amateurs (amateur contest) are now online at that publication’s website. You can see them by clicking here and then typing in my name where it says "rechercher une photo."

I see that the magazine gave tags to each image submitted, and three of mine got tagged with the work “couverture,” which means ‘cover.’ I saw that only 105 photos among the thousands and thousands submitted were given that tag – so does that mean that three of my photos were considered for the cover? I don’t know, but it’s nice to think that they may have been. I’m sure that none were chosen or I would have known by now. I’ll just have to wait another month or so for the magazine to appear for sale here in the U.S. to see if any photos were chosen for publication. Some years it’s happened, some it hasn’t.

Wish me luck, everyone.

Oh, the photo at the top of Kat in California last year was one of the ones I submitted. I think I’ve posted the others here already.

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