Today is the second anniversary of my getting hit by a car, so I was especially careful when crossing the street today. I got hit by a car making a right turn at a green light, and as I was looking forward while crossing the street, I was blind-sided. (To read my posting from two years ago, click here.)

Since then, I always try to look over my shoulder at cars that might be turning when I cross. I did that this morning at the intersection where I got hit two years ago, and the vehicle that was making a right turn this time was a school bus. I am very glad that I did not get hit by that.

The picture at the top shows what my fingers looked like a few days later, after the cast was taken off. One or two fingers on my left hand were broken, and that fingernail was ripped off and sewn back on. Fortunately, I’m right handed.

Even more fortunately, that plus a five day concussion was the extent of my injuries. My father got hit by a car when I was in high school and it broke his back, so it could have been much, much worse for me.

I’ll try to post a prettier picture next time.

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