Not much has happened with me photographically of late. I had hoped to report that I’d gotten a new external drive on which to store my images, but that hasn’t happened yet. Neither have I gotten a new case to try to get my non-working external drive working.

I’d actually planned to try to get one or both today, but I ended up doing something else. I’ll try again in a couple of days, as tomorrow I hope to get some photographic paper for printing.

The little good news to report is that I began filing negatives again a couple of weeks ago, though since that time I haven’t done any. I guess I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with end-of-the-year stuff, so hopefully that will pass in a few weeks. Of course, I still have a fair amount of film still to develop, going back to my trip to Italy in June.

I looked over the images on my C: drive and found this one that I don’t remember having posted before. The two backsides were photographed in Manhattan five years ago. That particular photo shoot came very close to being ruined as my tripod lurched and fell on the subway heading into Manhattan and the ballhead was nearly broken. As it was, it was very stiff, and I had to ask one of the models to hold onto the camera every time I wanted to change the camera position, as I needed both of my hands to try to wrench the ballhead free from the locked position.
(Actually, now I do seem to remember having posted it before. Sorry.)

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