Yep. I did another podcast interview with About Photography's Ed Verosky. This time out, Ed and I talked about working with models, mostly from the viewpoint of new(ish) models and/or photographers who are new(ish) to working with models.

If you have about a half-hour free to listen, check it out. You can listen to the podcast by CLICKING HERE. It's free to listen so all you're investing is a bit of time.

Ed and I decided this subject would be a two-parter. For Part One, some of the things Ed and I discussed are: 1) Being honest about your level of experience; 2) Watching your demeanor; 3) Collaboration and letting the model help you; 4) What to do when you’re doing your best but still need more from the model; 5) Having fun with every shoot; 6) Finding candid looks; 7) Giving the model constant feedback; 8) Not shooting for too long; 9) Recognizing when the model hits her stride and more. Quite a bit more.

Part Two, BTW, will tackle the more physical elements of posing and probably get into things like attitude and emotion as well. We haven't recorded Pt. 2 yet. We plan to do that in a week or so. But, in the meantime, the first part is online and ready for your ears.

The sexy thing above is Alleta from Hungary. Some of those Eastern Euro girls really know how to turn it on... and how to turn guys on!

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