Google's Blogger, the service I use for this blog, has been up and down and everything in between for nearly two days. It looks like my only casualties are my last two updates. (Which have now been restored, albeit minus comments.) I'm wondering if Google's techs finally threw their hands up and re-booted the service to where it was prior to two days ago? (Turns out, that's exactly what they did.) I suppose it's possible my last two posts may re-appear but I'm not optimistic. (They have. Maybe I should'a had more faith?)

This is the first time in the six+ years I've been using Blogger that something like this has happened. I should note Blogger is a free service so, coupled with their performance for at least 6 years, I can't complain. But I still want my last two updates back! (And they are. Back, that is.)

We'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly... as soon as I come up with a subject to blog about and I start feeling relatively confident Blogger isn't going to take a dump again.

The headshot/buttshot above is Kayla. I can't remember if she was demonstrating her flexibility or we used another model as a butt-prop. The photo sorta reminds me of Blogger pulling its head out of its ass but still holding on to it just in case it suddenly returns to where it was for the last couple of days. Thanks again to Ashley Karyl for sending me my last two blog posts that had disappeared. It's nice to know others have my back... up. :-)

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