As I decide what subjects to write about in my blog, from time to time I may write about some models in particular that I’ve enjoyed working with and have gotten good results with. I’ve already written about Rhowena. Now I’d like to write about Carlotta.

Like Rhowena, I had seen and admired many photos of Carly on-line and had hoped to work with her one day. That day came in June of last year. I’d read that she was planning to attend a friend’s wedding in Las Vegas that month, and as I was hoping to visit family in Vegas around then, I decided to go the weekend that Carly would be there.

Unlike some other models who might balk at getting up early, she had no problem meeting me at 5:30 am. It wasn’t as early as it sounds, as it was already light at that hour, so getting some sunrise photos was unfortunately out of the question. We rode out to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, to a spot where I had worked with Rhowena three years earlier.

I wasn’t too concerned about duplicating images, as Carlotta and Rhowena are two unique people and each had their own way of working. As you can see from the images here, I think the results turned out pretty well. As a matter of fact, four of the five most popular images on my Deviant Art page (and five of the top seven) are from this session. I’d like to think that my skills as a photographer have something to do with it, but with a model as beautiful as Carlotta, I really can’t be sure!

Carlotta on Model Mayhem:

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