Okay, everybody, it’s that time of year again. The time to be green for a day. Yes, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and here in New York we’ve got the biggest St. Patty’s Day parade in the world. (From what I understand, the celebrations over in Ireland are actually rather understated.)

This makes me think of the time, back in 2001, when I photographed the parade on assignment for a magazine called Photovision (now sadly out of business), writing a review of a new camera, the Maxxum 7 by Minolta (also sadly out of the camera business).

At the time I had a Press Card issued by the New York Police Department, so that allowed me to photograph the parade without being stuck on the sidewalk behind the barricades. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it, talking with people in the crowd as if I were somebody important, being able to walk freely up and down the parade route, standing and talking with the cops on duty, etc.

Of course, having that freedom gave me the chance to get more good photos than I could have otherwise. For such events, I usually try to photograph three main subjects: 1) cute kids; 2) pretty girls; and 3) men with interesting beards and moustaches. I present to you one of each.

As expected, there were no nudes to be seen. It was rather chilly for that and besides, I think the parade organizers would have objected. So, to keep in the spirit of celebrating things Irish, here’s a photo of my friend Ida Mae – proud member an Irish-American family. She is, of course, looking her most saintly and angelic.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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