It’s been a busy last few days for me. A meeting after work on Tuesday. Visiting a friend whose mother passed away on Wednesday. Then yesterday, I had another doctor’s appointment and had to complete the paperwork and write up my artist’s statement for the Artful Nude exhibit in Colorado coming up this summer.

So, I really haven’t had much time to scan any more images or to think of what to write here. Still, I do have a couple of images to offer today.

The images I’m posting here are from the same negative. The difference is that one has been turned 180 degrees from the other (turned upside down, so to speak, or topsy turvy) and one has been cropped a bit. Of course, I’m not really saying that one has been turned upside, because that might suggest that one is primary and the other is secondary. While it is true that I worked on one image before the image, I really think of these as two different and equally valid interpretations of the same negative.

As for the creation of that negative, this is a photograph of Rachel that I took in her studio in Maine two years ago, following our return from Canada. As I’ve written here before, Rachel is a very accomplished artist and I wanted to create some in-camera double exposures combining her with some of her own artwork. With this particular image, I was looking to create a yin-yang type of effect – the two halves different yet complementing each other and fitting together to create the whole.

Was I successful? If you have any thoughts, do let me know.

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