Just a quick post here tonight on the eve of Halloween. Things have been hectic for the past couple of weeks, with my family visiting me here, but my sister and niece went back home today so things are a bit quieter and I’ve begun to sort through the things that have piled up. My mom will still be here for a few more days.

Not too much to report on photographic matters. I did buy some picture frame parts (two 20 x 24’s, three 16 x 20’s) so that I can display some more of my photos – both my own and the ones I’ve purchased for my collection – here at home. I’ll pick up the glass and foam core backings tomorrow. I also plan to resubscribe to B&W magazine along with the guide that lists photographic shows and events here in New York and elsewhere. I am going to try to get into the swing of things photographically again.

The photo at the top is a set-up I walk past on the way to the subway each day I go to work. It’s been in the front yard of that particular house for a number of years in the days before Halloween so I thought I’d take a photo of it. I’m also posting a photo I made recently in Brooklyn Heights of some pumpkins on a building’s landing - just part of the Halloween season.
Finally, I've decided to also post my old Halloween chestnut - Charlye Rayne and Nemesis looking wicked like witches on a broom. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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