Today is my birthday. I am now 50 years old. I now qualify to be a full member of AARP. Does this make me officially “old”??? (Maybe I'll just grow a long beard like my fellow Dave's Levingston and Swanson to show my age...)

On a positive note, I like to say that I am not just a year older, but also a year closer to retirement. Unfortunately, I still need to wait another 12 years before I can take up photography full time!

Above: sunset at St. Tropez back in 1996, from the days when I was shooting medium format color transparency film in the hopes of making a few dollars doing stock photography. (Like most of the things I’ve tried to do, that idea didn’t really pan out, either.)

Finally, whether you celebrate Passover, Good Friday, Easter or something else, have a good holiday weekend, everyone.

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