This will be a quick posting by me today. Dinner’s on the stove and in the oven so I want to finish writing this before I go off to eat and relax for the evening. I’ve got two medical appointments coming up this week so I just want to take it easy tonight.

Actually, I really don’t have much to report photographically. I tried to straighten up a bit more here this week, but the biggest event was last night, when I went to the Bonni Benrubi Gallery on East 57 Street to attend the opening of the new exhibit of photographs by the Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner.

I first became aware of Josef’s work fairly recently when I saw a portfolio of his black & white photography in the most recent issue of LensWork magazine. Then I came across him on Facebook and sent him a message telling him that I liked his photos in LensWork. He was kind enough to respond, add me as a friend and invited me to the opening last night.

At the gallery, it was good to finally see some of his actual silver prints, having only seen his work in the magazine and on the web. It was also nice to meet Josef and talk about his work and photography in general for a bit. The only downside of the exhibit is that he has produced so much good work that the limited wall space in the gallery didn’t permit them to put up enough to do his talent justice.

If you’re wondering what type of photography Josef does, it’s long exposure landscapes and interesting cityscape photos, as well. (He did seem impressed, though, when I gave him one of my business cards with a nude image on it…LOL). To see Josef’s work, visit his website here.

Otherwise, I watched some more movies on DVD: Strictly Ballroom, a wonderful and giddy Australian film directed by Baz Luhrman about competitive ballroom dancing, and V for Vendetta, about a futuristic, fascist England which some say is beginning to resemble the real thing these days.

Finally, at the top, a photo of Nemesis in Dave Levingston’s studio in Ohio from several years ago.

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