Not too much to write tonight. I spent time this week filing away the remaining four rolls of film that were developed in order. I’ve got five more developed rolls that I jumped ahead with, so those will have to wait until the intervening film is developed before being made and made easier for scanning.

I’m planning to take off the week of Labor Day from work (and I am looking forward to it!) and I want to use that time to try to catch up on my developing, as well as other things. Not having to set the alarm clock will be a good thing, too.

I also scanned some negatives this week from my workshop with Kim Weston in Colorado last year. Today’s photo is from that series.

This weekend will also be a major one, as I will try to do some silver printing again with the newly purchased paper. Hopefully it’ll turn out better than last time.

Otherwise, I made a phone call to the Metropolitan Opera this week and spoke with the new man in charge of supernumeraries (i.e. spear carriers). I’m thinking of re-starting my “acting” career at the Met, so I sent in a letter last week and called a few days ago.

I was told that my letter was received and that the Met will need the most people for Aida, which will be one of the early operas staged this season. There’ll be an audition day next month (something I never had to deal with before), so I guess I’ll go down to see if they can use me. Aida is on the Met’s Live in HD schedule this year, so who knows? I may be able to finally make my High Definition debut, after all.

Lastly, welcome to this blog's latest Follower, Sukumar. I've known Sukumar for several years so I'm glad he found me here.

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