For the Women of Perfection model showcase yesterday, discount coupons for my ebook were distributed to all attendees at the door. This morning, I woke up and thought, "Why not offer the discount to everyone?"

Yeah. Why not?

So, I am.

From now, till October 3, 2010, you can purchase and download "Guerrilla Glamour" for 30% off the regular price of $9.95.

To the many who have already purchased the ebook, thank you for your support! And thanks also for the many positive emails and comments about it on forums and elsewhere!

To take advantage of this limited time offer, go to the Guerrilla Glamour website and click the "Add to Cart" button. On the order page, simply enter discount code WP92610 and 30% will be automatically deducted from your purchase price.

By the way, my 2nd ebook (as of now, I'm calling it "Guerrilla Headshots") will soon be available. Hopefully, I'll be finishing it and releasing it within the next two weeks.

Head shot photography, while rarely featured on this blog, is another photography genre I've worked at for quite some time-- Since about 1980, in fact!

Back in the 80s, I shot hundreds of headshots for actors and actresses and more. To this day, I still shoot headshots as part of my photo-repertoire. While I often still shoot headshots for performers, business people and others have become a big part of that work. As I wrote about with glamour photography as my topic, this new ebook is also filled with tips, advice, suggestions, and "How To" techniques for capturing headshots that, to put it bluntly, don't suck! My new ebook takes the same "Keep it simple" and "How to avoid multiplying difficulty beyond necessity" approach to the genre of headshot photography.

Headshots, whether they're for performers, business people, or, more recently, people simply looking for killer images to use with social media or online dating profiles, can and should be bread-and-butter work for many photographers, pro or not, looking to earn some extra cash with their photography.

Don't wait! You've got till October 3 to purchase "Guerrilla Glamour" at 30% off by simply entering discount code WP92610 on the Guerrilla Glamour order page. The 30% will be automatically deducted from your purchase price.

While you're at it, why not use your savings on "Guerrilla Glamour" to offset the purchase of Ashley Karyl's terrific ebook, "How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional, " or any of Ed Verosky's popular ebooks: "10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now," or "25 Amazing Boudoir Photography Techniques," or his most popular ebook: "100% Reliable Flash Photography."

The beautiful one at the top of this update is one of my favorite models to work with: The Goddess of Glam and Playboy, Penthouse, FHM covergirl and more, Ms. Tera Patrick.

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