Hello again, everyone. Yes, it has been a couple of weeks since I last made a posting here. That’s because I was away for about a week and a half visiting family in Las Vegas. I had wanted to make a post the day before I left, and had even thought of pre-scheduling some things to post while I was away, but I was just too busy getting ready and doing other stuff to do any of it.

Still, I am back home now, and though I’ve still got a lot to do tonight, I figured that I ought to take some time to do a posting for a change.

I normally try to photograph a model or two when I spend time in Vegas, and this time was no exception. I had two photo shoots planned, but only one actually happened. That was with a new model named Fiona Flowers, and you can see a couple of photos of her here. Getting behind that rock column in the top photo was her idea, I must admit, but I asked her to raise her arms as they’re seen here, so the image was a collaborative effort.

My second photo session was to be with Kelsey Dylan (aka Kelsey Zimmerman, or “Zimmy”), who I had photographed just last month in Ohio, as detailed in my last post. As it happened, Kelsey’s travels out west brought her to Las Vegas when I was there, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to work with her again, this time out in the desert.

Sadly, she and her travelling companion got into town behind schedule, which caused a conflict with our planned day and time, forcing us to regrettably call the session off. While she was available a couple of days later, I unfortunately was not at that time.

Time did at least permit me the chance to meet Kelsey for dinner one night, so I took advantage of that and was at least able to see her and chat for a while. You can see a couple of photos of her here at dinner.

A big part of the trip, I must mention, was getting together not once but twice with my good friend, Terrell “Big T” Neasley, who lives in Las Vegas. I always look forward to seeing him when I travel out there, and I’ll write more about our adventures next time.

Until then, be well, everyone.

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