Here’s another photo of Revielle that I made during my trip to Ohio this past August. This one, though, is part of my double exposure series. This is a series that I work on now and then – basically when I remember to do it on when on location – to try to create a different look to some of my images. Some work, some don’t. I don’t necessarily think it’s one of my best, but I like it all the same. Hopefully you will to.

I made some other double exposures with Revielle and I’ll be posting some of those in the future. **************************************************************

As for me, I’ve finally finished working overtime at the office. I worked two consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday), worked five consecutive twelve hour days and put in nearly 70 hours of OT in about a week and a half. It’s good to get back home at a normal time, though today I got home an hour late because of a subway delay.

Still, today was a pretty good day overall, as I had lunch with a friend at a good Vietnamese restaurant in Greenwich Village. On the way to the restaurant, we met the actor Wallace Shawn on the street and talked with him for a short time. (Well, it was us mostly talking to him, telling him what characters we remembered seeing him play on the screen, like the Grand Nagus Zek in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and Diane Keaton’s old boyfriend in “Annie Hall.” He seemed to appreciate it.)
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As I've written in my previous posts, I am continuing my transition from here on Blogger over to Wordpress. If anybody from Blogger is reading this, the primary reason is to get away from readers having to deal with the annoying content warning page that they have to deal with before reading my blog.

You can see this post on the new blog at:

On the new blog, you can now subscribe to my posts, too.

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