I just made a new post at my new blog on Wordpress, but unlike the past few postings, I am not making a parallel post here. That's because, from now on, I will only be blogging on Wordpress.

I have enjoyed my time here at Blogger, but the annoyance and inconvenience of readers' having to get through the content warning page is just too much for me to deal with anymore. If any of the admin people happen to read this, understand that that is the primary reason why I am moving over to Wordpress.

To see my new blog, please go to: http://figuresofgrace.wordpress.com/ . I encourage all 64 of my followers, plus any others who happen to come by this page, to look for my new postings there.

I will leave Blogger with two photos. The one at the top is one of my most popular photos - that of Carlotta out in the Nevada desert in 2006 - to give people an idea of what kind of art nude photos I will be posting at my new site.

The other photo, below, is of some cute kids waving goodbye after my group visited the home of a family in Tibet in 2007. It seems an appropriate way to end things here.

Be well, everyone! I hope to see you over at Wordpress.



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