If it's good enough for Annie L it's good enough for me. Leastwise, it's good enough to give it a try. I'm talking about the Photek Softlighter. I just ordered one today. Been wanting to give this modifier a try since seeing Ms. Leibovitz working with it in a couple of behind-the-scenes videos of her photo shoots. The Keith Richards shoot comes to mind. If you've not seen it, you can view it HERE.

Anyway, I ordered the Photek 60" Softlighter from Samy's Camera via Amazon. (I had some Amazon gift certs to apply to my order which knocked the price down a bit.) I've read some good stuff about the Softlighter's light qualities. In the Annie L vid, I think she's using a 46" Softlighter but I wanted the bigger one since so much of what I shoot is 3/4 body shots. I'll mostly use it on a stand and an arm so I can semi-boom it to where I want it to go. One thing I like about the Softlighter is you can get it in quite close. Doing so should make some really soft light.

The two B&W pics of the pretty girl at the top is Melanie from a couple of weeks ago. (Click to enlarge.)

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