It seems photographer and author, Ed Verosky, has been a busy boy. He's added another terrific ebook to his catalog of awesome photography ebooks: Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level II.

Terrific portraiture is something most photographers hope to accomplish. I know I do! Apparently, living in New York City with all the recent snow and cold weather has kept Ed indoors with plenty of time to write. If there's at least one positive outcome associated with the Ice Age weather NYC has recently experienced, Ed's born-of-a-blizzard Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level II, might be it.

You say you haven't read Ed's first book on portraiture? Well, now's a good time to remedy that. You can purchase Ed's first portrait ebook, "Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level," BY CLICKING HERE and also purchase his new portrait shooting sequel BY CLICKING HERE!

The two pretty girls above are Angela (standing) and Chloe (squatting.) Chloe, as you can plainly see, has an absolutely terrified expression on her face (not) which (you might remember from my last update) my client objected to when he heard me attempting to elicit "scared" out of her. In fact, this is the image I snapped just as my client interrupted the shoot. If that had not happened, I would have continued and directed Chloe to be looking up at Angela with a similarly frightened, i mean vulnerable expression on her face. I guarantee the image would have worked nicely in a porn-ish-Sapphic kind of way. Oh well. Wha'd'ya gonna do, right?

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