Well, as the title of this entry suggests, I’ve been kind of busy lately (though, at least part of it, is in a good way). I haven’t posted a blog entry for over a week, so I thought I’d better do another one before people forget about me.

I’ve actually been wanting to scan some older film to post with my next entry, but that will have to wait a little longer. For now, I’m posting a few more images from my photo session with model Kerie Hart last year. I wrote to her recently and she responded saying that she’d like to come back to New York again. Now I’m just waiting to find out just when that will be.

Betcee May also wrote that she’s thinking of coming to New York for a visit before long, so I’d like to work with her and Kerie again if I can. I’m not planning to do a great deal of photography as I’ve got a big backlog to take care of, but for these two lovely young ladies I would break my self-imposed temporary moratorium on new images.

Stay tuned.

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