Some of you may have heard of the Minotaur – the creature from Greek mythology that had the body of a man but the head of a bull. Then there’s the Mermaid, with the upper half of a woman and the lower half of a fish. (I once also saw a stage show with something called a Maidmer that had the lower half of a human and the upper half of a fish.) Many of you will remember the movie The Fly, which showed us a man with the head of a fly and a fly with the head of a man. (“Help me!”)

And now, specially for Figures of Grace readers, just in time for Halloween, I present to you…..

Lupo Girl !

Of all the strange creatures that have ever entered a photography studio (and I’m sure there have been many), Lupo Girl must be one of the strangest of all – an extremely rare combination of a human female’s body and the head of a wolf. She’s presented here absent of any clothing to prove to you, faithful reader, that Lupo Girl does indeed possess the body of a human girl along with the genuine head of a wolf. No wolf in sheep’s clothing – or any other clothing – here!

I really can’t tell you much about the origin of Lupo Girl. I am but a humble photographer and not a scientist. Still, one must wonder. Was it the result of some strange experiment a la Dr. Moreau, someone bitten by a wolf as was Larry Talbot, or simply a natural mutation of nature? Could it be something as mundane as listening to old recordings of Wolfman Jack??? The truth is, we may never know.

Quite honestly, with the ravenous appetite that Lupo Girl must have, it’s really quite amazing that she has kept such a nice, relatively slender figure. In fact, I got the feeling while photographing her that she really likes to strut her stuff. It makes me wonder if this strange transformation took place recently, before she’s had the chance to head on over to Trader Vic’s to join the perfectly coiffed Werewolf of London and wolf down a lot of grub. (On the other hand, maybe she’s been there already. With the kind of food the English have, no wonder she’s still thin.)

Well, I guess Lupo Girl is just one of those mysteries of science that may never be solved – but beware. She’s reputed to be active on moonlit nights and Halloween. Just watch out for old Hungarian gypsies or someone wearing sheep’s clothing.

And yes – Happy Halloween, everyone!

(I’ll have to remember to carry out my yearly ritual of watching the video of my favorite Peanuts cartoon, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”)

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