It’s been almost a week since I’ve made my last blog entry. That’s because I continue to be busy getting my backlog of film developed and then having to take care of filing the negatives into pages (and annotating the pages, too). Until I’m finished doing all of that, my time for blogging will be limited, as I only have so much time for dealing with photographically related matters.

The good news, though, is that, after starting out with about 105 rolls of film to develop, I think I’m down to only 36 left. Of course, I will still need the time to file those negatives after they’ve all been developed. Taking care of negatives from three different trips is a lot of work. At last, I have finally begun to develop the much awaited film from my August trip to Tibet – and the results look good, so far.

Today’s photos are from my trip to Ohio in late April. The beautiful girl you see in them is Jacqueline Chantelle. Jackie was a lot of fun to work with and I had the pleasure of working with her on my return visit to Ohio and my friend Dave Levingston about three months later. I hope that I’ll be able to work with her yet again.

I’ve also added another blog to my listing on the right side here. Welcome all to Richard and Lin Bang from Norfolk in the UK. Some of you may know them under the name of Fluffytek. Lin has told me that she writes most of the blog entries and that they tend to be on the controversial side at times, so I’m sure that will be reason enough to check them out. (That and for the occasional bit of British wit and wisdom, I suppose!)

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