Here are a couple of photos that I made at the workshop in Colorado earlier this month with Kim Weston as instructor. I had originally hoped to post four photos – one of each of the workshop’s models – but I’m not happy with the way the scans for two of them turned out so those will have to wait. I’ve developed six of the fourteen rolls I shot at the workshop but really haven’t had the time to go over them properly. That won’t happen fully until all of the rolls are developed and filed.

On that subject, I’m happy to write that I’ve finally finished filing all of my photos from last year’s trip to Tibet. I’ve also filed three from this year’s trip to Southeast Asia. Once I’ve finished filing the other nine developed rolls from the trip, I should start to develop more shortly thereafter. I did a count yesterday of just how many I have left to develop, and right now, that number is 58, with 24 from Southeast Asia and the remainder being nudes.

I also need to organize my negatives better. A few years ago I began labeling each film binder box with the numbers of the pages contained within and what’s on those pages. I really need to continue not only doing that, but to make a list of those binders with what’s on them. That way, if I want to look for a negative from a particular event, I’d be able to locate it much more quickly. Hopefully it’ll happen one day, sooner rather than later.

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