Another quick update here tonight.

Yesterday, I finally finished work on the slideshow DVD that I’ve been putting together to be shown at the Community Zoe get-together next month. It took a long time to assemble, and I scanned a lot of photos so I could add new material to it, but hopefully it will go over well with the audience and the effort will have been worth it. I’d actually thought that it was finished two days ago, but looking at again, I decided to make the effort to tweak it just a little more.

Now that I’m done with that, I can try to take care of other things that need taking care of around here. Lately I’ve been developing film from my figure shoots this year, so now I hope to go back to taking care of the film from my trip to Southeast Asia earlier this year. I’ll probably take a break from film developing next week, as I still have a lot of film to file away (including most from my trip to Tibet last year).

Today's posting is a photo of Kat, made during my trip to California last month.

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