My posting tonight will be a quick one. The photo here depicts a young woman wearing one of the papier mache masks that I bought last year in Venice, Italy. The woman behind the mask is Nettie R. Harris.

I’ve found in working with this mask that it can take on different characteristics depending upon how I set up my studio lights. Sometimes I would move the lights off to the side, which would leave inky black voids where the eyes are, lending an air of mystery to the image. Here, though, I made the lighting more frontal so that Nettie’s beautiful eyes could clearly be seen.

I’m hoping to make a follow-up posting to today’s entry next week.

Otherwise, I’ve got another visitor staying with me this week. This time my guest is a model. I won’t say who she is until I’ve photographed her (planned for this coming weekend) and have a photo or two to post, but for now I’ll just say that she’s beautiful and that she’s a cover girl.

Stay tuned.

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