I wrote last time that I would be having a model staying with me for a few days. That model was the lovely St. Merrique.

She spent several days modeling here in New York, and on her final morning here I worked with her for a few hours in my studio set-up. You can see a couple of the snapshots I made with my pocket digital camera during the session, plus one of Merrique made when we went out to eat a Chinese-run Japanese restaurant one night.

Things went reasonably well during the studio session, though there was one constant annoyance (which we both found annoying) that I hope to write about in an upcoming post.

Still, in addition to the problem mentioned above, I’m wondering how much longer I can go on photographing in my living room as I did this time. As you can see, I’m still working with masks as props – this time once again with the masks I bought in Venice last year – but I just get the feeling that I’m taking the same photo of a model standing there in front of the background, over and over again.

How much longer can I continue doing that???

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