Back in March, I posted a photo here of a model from England named Alison. That image was published in the French magazine PHOTO and was made outdoors in the Scottish Highlands, where I was visiting my friend Alex Ingram.

Today, I’ll be posting some more of Alison. These photos were made the same day as the other one but were taken in the evening with strobes in Alex’s makeshift home studio. It was a simple set-up – a black backdrop and Alison plus a chair in some photos. I really don’t consider myself to be an especially good studio photographer, but Alison is such a good model that she made my photos look pretty good. Those people who know her say that her personality certainly comes across in them.

I last spoke with Alison about a year ago when I was thinking of going to Alex again to visit with him as a friend and to photograph some models. Sadly, circumstances prevented me from making that trip and I didn’t follow up with Alison about it. I hear that she’s working now as the manager of a commercial photo studio in London and doesn’t do much modeling any more, but if I make it back to Scotland (or London), I will definitely have to give her a call to see if we can work together again.

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