Here are a few photos of model Kerie Hart from Canada, who I photographed here in New York last year. She was wonderful to work with, her cheerful persona complementing her curvy figure. I’d liked to have worked with her outdoors, but I just don’t know of any good places in New York City for that and Kerie didn’t have the time to go for a long drive to some secluded place. (She wanted to have lunch with me afterwards but her schedule didn’t even permit that.)

Otherwise, it still looks like I won’t be able to develop any film for a while. This is compounded by the fact that the cold water here is too warm for any developing during the warm and hot summer months. To try to catch up, I’ve been considering sending some of my film out to a lab to be processed. I called up someone I know who works at one of the big photo labs in New York and he quoted me a price of $10 per roll for 220 B&W film. (That’s just for developing, without any contact sheets.) In comparison, I figured out that it costs me roughly $2 a roll to develop the film myself.

So, the question is: do I want to spend five times the do-it-yourself price to have someone do it for me? Obviously, doing my own developing has saved me a ton of money over the years – but how much do I want to fall behind with more figure photo sessions and hopefully a nice foreign trip coming up over the next months?

My answer for the time being is: I haven’t decided yet. Perhaps I’ll try farming out a few rolls at a time and see how long it takes me to file and annotate them. I’ve still got a few rolls of model photos that I shot in Canada and Maine last year that need to be done, so those would be the obvious candidates.

Stay tuned.

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