Hello again, everyone.

Yes, I am still around, despite my not having posted anything for a couple of weeks. One of the reasons for this is that I haven't had any new photos to post for some time. While I have been photographing, I haven't developed much film for quite a while - until last weekend. Even though I've been feeling lousy for the past week and a half (all congested, now taking medication for it), I decided to finally get to work, and began last weekend with film that I shot way back in February of this year.

Although I developed 14 rolls in total (with more to hopefully follow tomorrow), I haven't scanned any yet. Still, that's not the reason why there's no photo with this post. Instead, it's because my computer has lost its internet connectivity. I turned it on yesterday, couldn't connect to the web, rebooted a few times to no effect, so I called my internet provider, Verizon. After speaking with someone for quite a while, he concluded that the problem lies with either the router, the cable connecting the router to the computer or the computer itself. I do hope that it's not the latter.

Verizon is sending me a new router and cable that will hopefully arrive on Tuesday. Hopefully that will straighten things out. For now, my only web access is with my iPod Touch, and that's what I'm writing with now. (Thankfully, the wifi from the router is still working, though the signal has dropped out a few times.) If things work out well, you'll hopefully see a posting here with a photo next week. If it doesn't - well, we'll see.

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