If you think digital technologies have transformed the world of photography, you're right. (D'uh!) You probably also know that digital has and is transforming the world of publishing. (Another "D'uh.") One of the ways it's doing that is via ebook publishing.(That's three "D'uhs." in a row.)

Whether you read ebooks on your PC, MAC, or iPad, or with a Kindle, Sony Reader, or NOOK, you're part of a big group (growing bigger by the day) who enjoy the convenience and other joys of ebook reading.

I know I've become a big fan of ebooks. In fact, these days it seems like I'm satisfying most of my entertainment, reading, learning and yearning and other needs all from the same spot: Sitting at my computer. I'm accomplishing all of this either by visiting the internet's many websites, blogs, and forums, via ebooks, or with Netflix and its instant streaming feature.

The downside of all this, of course, is it means I'm getting out less and less and my ass seems to have taken on the shape of the seat of the chair I have in front of my computer. In today's digital world, it seems many former couch potatoes have become computer chair potatoes. If I didn't shoot photos, I'd probably get out even less! (Another reason for being thankful for having photography as such a big part of my life.)

I just came across, what looks like, another great source for satisfying my photography ebook habit: ProPhotoPublishing.com. They have some very cool titles available like: "Lighting the Evocative Nude" and "Photographing Swimwear" and their newest, "On the Set w/ Steve Dantzig."

Dantzig is a well-known portrait, glamour, and fashion photographer, author of quite a few books on photography, frequent contributor to rags like Rangefinder and Professional Photographer magazines, and runs the Hawaii School of Photography.(Damn! That dude is all over photography, no?)

Anyway, you can CLICK HERE to visit ProPhotoPublishing.com. (or on the banner ad in the right-hand column) to check out Pro Photo Publishing's many offerings. Who knows? One of their books might catch your eye and be exactly what you're looking for to help better your photo-capturing skills and awareness.

BTW, Ashley Karyl's terrific, How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional, can still be purchased at 25% off the listed price by using the discount code PGSNUDES at checkout.

Did I mention my new ebook, Guerrilla Headshots, will soon be available? I'm happy to report it will.

I've finished writing it and now I'm editing, doing some re-writing, proofing and all that good stuff. It came in at 100 pages and, I believe, will help photographers learn and advance their headshot photography skills to the front. I've been regularly shooting headshots since about 1980. Mostly for hundreds of Hollywood hopefuls, other sorts of entertainers and artists, and business people alike. Headshot photography should be bread-and-butter work for any photographer who is currently earning income, or simply looking to make a few extra bucks, with cameras in their hands. If your shooting headshots strictly for fun or favors, that's cool too! I'm confident my soon-to-be-available, Guerrilla Headshots ebook will help you out as well.

The pretty girl at the top is Lisa. This sweet piece of eye-candy was captured in a studio using three lights: 5' Photoflex Octodome for my main light and a couple of strip boxes either side from behind. I was wielding a Canon 5D w/ a Canon 85mm prime hanging off its front-end, using f/5.6 at 125, ISO 100, for my exposure.

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