The latest volume of photographs published by the f-eleven group, to which I belong, has just been released. As with the first two volumes, a number of my photos are included in this volume, as well. I'm posting two of those photos here, but by all means, take a look at the book yourself on the Blurb website, where you can order a copy. Information can be found by clicking here, and a full preview of the book can be seen here.

Proceeds from each book sold will go to benefit the The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, I’d suggest that you do so now in order to take advantage of a 25% discount currently being offered by Blurb. Hurry, though, as this discount offer ends on November 2 – tomorrow! The discount code to use is BOOKIFY. I used this code to purchase my copy of the book and it works.

About the book itself, here is a list of contributors and the type of work included:

Brooks Ayola (nude portraits)
Ralph Barker ( fine art landscape + still life )
Matthew Cherry ( fine art )
Sita Mae Edwards ( fine art nude )
April-lea Hutchinson ( nude portraits )
Leo Lam ( editorial fashion )
Dave Levingston ( fine art nude )
Clay Lipsky ( portraits )
Frank Love ( street / documentary work )
Brooke Lynne ( fine art nude )
Ken Mierzwa ( fine art nude)
Trish Noble ( portraits )
Dave Rudin ( fine art nude )
Ward Shortridge ( portraits )
Wolf189 ( editorial fashion + erotic portraits )

As with the first two books, this volume was also edited by my friend, Wolf189.

The back cover

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