Watch Online Actress Amanda Seyfried Says she feels best when she is naked.
Published on Mar 13 2011

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New York, March 13 (ANI): In an interview, actress Amanda Seyfried has confessed that she feels best when she is naked.

At 25, Seyfried has accomplished more than actresses twice her age. The former child model from Allentown, Pa., got her break in soap operas when she was 15, and by her 20s she was starring in movies alongside Justin Timberlake (‘Alpha Dog’), Meryl Streep (‘Mamma Mia!’) and Megan Fox (‘Jennifer”s Body’).

Her new ‘Red Riding Hood’ pits the actress against a werewolf terrorizing her medieval village. While the role might seem daunting, Seyfried is no damsel in distress

When asked on when she feels most comfortable she said in “my birthday suit.”

“I think I should mention that I”m not wearing any clothes … I”m most comfortable in my birthday suit,” the New York Daily News quoted her as telling Interview magazine. (ANI)

The actress, who's enjoying great success after the opening of the flick Dear John, has agreed to pose nude in her next movie, a sappy story that will be marketed under the name of Chloe.

Yes, it'll be a chick-flick, but it'll have Amanda Seyfried nude! I bet you (just like me) will line up outside your local movie theater to watch this scrumptious brunette show those naturally big boobs of hers, and then some!

Amanda Seyfried attended the premiere for her latest movie this week looking ravishing and very "cleavagy" in a purple dress that showed tons of side boob.

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