Watch Online Amanda Seyfried doesn’t want her film compared to ‘Twilight’
Sun, Mar 13 2011

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You would think that anyone would want their film compared to ‘Twilight’ since it is such a hit, but one actress isn’t crazy about the comparisons.

Actress Amanda Seyfried isn’t really into the ‘Twilight’ comparisons with her new film, ‘Red Riding Hood,’ despite the similarities, states Monsters and Critics (via MTV). “It’s a bummer that that’s what’s happening. Yeah, I mean it does surround a girl coming of age in a love triangle, but that’s a lot of movies,” Seyfried said about the two stories being totally different.

Seyfried also thinks audiences will be surprised if they are expecting it to be like ‘Twilight’: “It’s a murder mystery as well as a coming-of-age movie, and there’s a lot of tension and it’s scary.”

Do you think the two films seem similar?

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