I spent some time this weekend scanning more negatives of Rachel on Canada’s Prince Edward Island last summer , including those seen here of her on the rocky coastline. Unlike the double exposure photos that I posted last time, the ones I scanned this time were made with my Holga. This is a fun little piece of plastic junk, and since I knew I would never get perfect pictures with it, I never tried to get anything perfect. I was just looking to have a little fun and maybe come up with something different that would look cool or interesting in its own oddball way.

The three photos I’m posting here fall into that category, or at least I seem to think so. Nothing to win me a Pulitzer, but I kind of like them. The one that I scanned which at first I was not planning to scan at all is the one on top here. For some reason, this one just keeps growing on me the more that I look at it. I think it’s because the way the line of subjects seems to lead the eye along. First, there’s my shadow down in the lower right corner. Then there’s Rachel, and behind her is another photographer. Finally, in the distance, there’s yet another figure. It almost feels like you could string a line between all four points. (It would probably have made a great 3D image, too!)

The other photos just show Rachel on the rocks, but I think there’s something about the roughness of the surroundings that goes well with the rough image quality of the Holga.

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