I'm writing now from the home of my good friend Dave Levingston in Ohio. I arrived here by plane last night and naturally, the flight was late. The departure time was pushed back by about 45 minutes from the original time, and once we left the gate, we had to wait in line on the tarmac for about an hour before we finally took off. (They let us use electronic devices during the wait so I listened to Frank Sinatra on my new MP3 player and new noise-cancelling headphones.) At least we made it eventually.

Today I accompanied Dave L on a trip up to Detroit. He needed to drop off some photos at a gallery there for an upcoming show, so I went along for the ride. In the photo at the top here you can see Dave in the gallery, Severance, along with the gallery's owner Matthew and Josephine. You can see that Josephine was rather taken with Dave rather ample whiskers and just couldn't resist asking for a feel. (Okay, okay. So I asked her to do it for the photo - but she does seem to enjoy doing it and Dave doesn't seem to mind, either!)

Afterwards we went and paid a visit to model Iris Dassault on the way back. I've had a very nice correspondence with Iris on Model Mayhem and have wanted to work with her for some time but we were never able to set anything up until now. Iris is a very intelligent and interesting woman as well as a very beautiful one so it was wonderful to work with her. I shot three rolls of BW film as well as some digital snapshot images, including the two seen here. The film images should be much better, so hopefully I'll be able to start develooping film again before long and get to them.

I'll be here in Ohio for three more days, including two with photo sessions planned. Stay tuned.

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