Chanelle Hayes Zoo

Chanelle Hayes

Now I’m not the world’s biggest Chanelle Hayes fan, but I just couldn’t resist posting these new jaw dropping photos of her showing off a whole lot of sexy boob action for Zoo magazine. Good lord, she’s not just showing off her amazing new rack, she’s showing off all of her sweet body as well!

She’s even rocking the hand-bra pose with her brand spanking new boobs which will probably make you go gaga in a matter of seconds. From what I’ve just heard, she just had a boob job taking her juicy melons from 34B to a massive 34EE because she thought she was really curvaceous everywhere except on top and she wanted to balance things somehow.

I’m not really a fan of boob jobs but if I was dating her and after a week she came back with that massive rack without knowing anything, I’d probably be really happy. I’d be like a kid who has just received bigger versions of his favorite toys and he just wants to finish his dinner and go play. Oh yeah.

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