Gisella Anastasia Biography :

Name Gisel began to soar when following the Indonesia Idol, in 2008 as a representative of Surabaya.

Singing talent Gisella Anastasia owner's full name originated from when she was 3 years old. She was able to sing with the right tone just by looking at the television.

Since then, the singer was born in Surabaya, 16 November 1990 is diligently following the various competitions to hone her vocal quality. The condition of the family who did not come from wealthier families, making Gisella Anastasia initiative to help his family.

Together with his father who plays the clown, she sang at various events, including birthday and wedding events.

Having succeeded in becoming runner up in the arena of Indonesian Idol 2008, a gig offer more and more accepted by Gisella Anastasia.

In her private life, Gisella Anastasia close to the personnel Club Eighties, Desta. Currently they both claim to match each other so decided to go out.

Gisella Anastasia

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