Mariana Davalos Maxim Mexico

Mariana Davalos

What’s up guys? are you ready for your daily dose of hotness? I’ll take your silence as a yes… I’m pretty sure some of you guys have already heard of Mariana Davalos until now… because 1) she’s a drop dead gorgeous Colombian model and 2) she has a twin sister who looks exactly like her, freaking hot and so on and she’s also a popular model in Colombia.

Mariana and Camila Davalos are probably the hottest twins in the world and we all have a thing for twins, right? We’ve even posted a while ago a couple of photos with these girls totally rocking our minds in lingerie and now one of them is back in our spotlight. I’m a bit sad because we can’t drool over both of them today but… Mariana sure has the right curves in all the right places to make us forget about everything.

So… here’s Mariana Davalos totally scorching up the pages of the April issue of the Mexican Maxim leaving very little to the imagination. When you think this peach has a twin sister just as hot as her, I’m sure you’ll have something to dream of tonight. Enjoy!

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