8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit up to 10 meters in Japan, also raised concerns over the fate of Miyabi. If your fans, calm down. Miyabi confirmed survivors.

This assurance is obtained from Miyabi own mouth via Twitter account, @ ozawazone. About 12 hours ago, owner Maria Ozawa's name is stated conditions are fine.

"After the earthquake, I was fine in the camp with all team members," wrote Miyabi. This statement seems deliberately made ​​a movie star Kidnapping Miyabi pitched it to answer questions from all his fans to worry in the world.

"@ ozawazone are u okay?" asked the owner of the account @ gudhell13.

"@ ozawazone are you okay? how about the earthquake rocks Japan That? # prayforJapan I wish you were the resource persons okay," said the owner of the account @ vitarahmayani.

Unfortunately, Miyabi not explain the detail in which the current position. Miyabi only include links that refer to his blog.


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