Watch Online John Abraham met with serious accident
Thursday, March 10, 2011, 14:34 [IST]

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Actor John Abraham was severely injured when he met with an accident while shooting for a stunt scene in Vipul Shah's production Force.

John had to do a stunt which required him to jump from one moving train to another. While doing the jump, Abraham instead of landing on his feet lost his balance and fell on his back over a heap of stones. He suffered around 40 injury marks on his back. The actor was provided by immediate medical attention, however John was suffering from a bad pain. John made sure that he gets back to shoot soon. He finished the shoots for the film Force.

Earlier in December, John while shooting for the same film suffered from a ligament tear and underwent a severe pain. The producer Vipul Shah told that all the precautions were taken for the shooting of the scene but sadly, unexpected cannot be controlled. Vipul said that both he and the director of the film Nishikant Kamath were extremely scared after the incident.

They were scared if John has hurt his spinal chord badly. God forbidden, John has got 40 injury marks and scratches all over. He informed that John is taking rest and the shooting schedules are over.

We wish a speedy recovery to John Abraham. We wish all his hard work pays off when the film Force gets released.

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