Inul Daratista express to the world kangennya dangdut Indonesia. The singer who has a characteristic rocking this ngebor now it is rarely performed, especially since having children and sucked his attention to his son.
"Yes, this is not the first time. I finished giving birth, the body is still like a pig also already singing,"
For him music was a part that can not be separated from him. Although now he has a business and can earn a living in other areas, her inner satisfaction of singing is a difficult thing to find.
"People have a hobby that's already ingrained emang like me. People might see that now Inul that's already become a businessman and already have a home, but on the other side right before I go into business, I was already singing. My life was not in sing. If the money can still be sought in other places, but if not it hard to find inner satisfaction. My world my world of entertainment in particular sing, so always menghayal to be able to continue singing job, there dangdutan continue. Menghayal there who yearn continue with Inul, "he concluded .

Inul Daratista

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