Postpartum dangdut singer Inul Daratista claimed to reduce 'its rocking ngebor'. According Inul, now he does not want to sway as before, but it would not Inul if rocking again being debated in the community.
"Limiting (rocking), now have children yes, rocking also do not like it used to be. Will there be an upset like they used to be. Yes I ama Bang Haji (Rhoma Irama, red) wrote so well. We're one family, the term fellow singer dangdut do not precede, but of sharing, "
Despite already having children, but still show the maximum Inul stylish teenagers. Inul said, he was given freedom by the MNC TV to appear in accordance with her wishes. The opportunity is not wasted Inul to perform all out.
"I tried to look up aja so. Right now I'm given the freedom of the same MNC, 'so it appears aja Mbak Inul. he admitted could be all out so, so it need not be awkward. Feeling so good lah. Gak kayak first, I know," Inul said.

Inul Daratista

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