Development only child pedangdut Inul Darastista, Joseph Ivander Damares (20 months) is quite rapid and healthy. According to the mother, Ivan is now able to talk to call her parents. And the most amazing, reportedly Ivan was able to follow the rocking ngebor Inul.
However, the singer whose real name Ainur Rokimah not want to force the baby to follow in his footsteps as a singer dangdut. "healthy development. Udah say mama papa. Udah rocking ngebor. Nah lah. I do not force the child to force it to
Ivan growth was funny-funny too do not want to miss this Susena Adam's wife. Women from this Pasuruan selective in choosing a job because did not want to leave the baby. "My son was 20 months. Not to be left behind. So select jobnya that if possible and not ninggalin children for long," said Inul.

Inul Darastista

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